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Patented & Patent-Pending Oh Ryan Non-ATDS:       


  • Oh-Ryan is twice as fast as click and dial systems

  • You MUST use NON-ATDS to dial lists with cellular telephone numbers

  • Free 2 day testing available

  • Fees begin at $225 per month per agent including deposit and long distance

  • Servers are remote OR stored on-site at your location

  • Software, Training, Support and Maintenance provided by Orion Communications, Inc

  • Your agents will be up and running after watching a short 5 minute training video

  • Legal Letter of Opinion on Compliance for Oh Ryan available upon request

Our website might be super basic but our Non-ATDS is the most advanced outbound dialing solution

possible in the United States.






Oh Ryan is the newest product offered by Orion Communications, Inc. Founder of the Razor Predictive Dialer. Orion is proud to introduce the Oh Ryan Non-ATDS dialer into the Orion dialer family. Orion Communications, Inc. has been a presence in the call center software industry since 2008 and are one of the few remaining call center software companies focusing solely on outbound! 


Please send an email to: or call 877.812.7251 and reserve your launch date. 



The OH RYAN Mascot

We’ve asked a few of our Oh Ryan centers for honest reviews of the system. Here they are:

Since we began using the click-to-dial system, it has dramatically increased our efficiency and contact rates on our wireless data. So much so, we are considering using it to dial ANY and all data, not just wireless! We are very excited to be moving forward with this solution and the potential it has for us and our clients. And Ryan and his team have been great to work with on all aspects of implementation.  

Michael Maggio

Executive Vice President

The Pisa Group


I am pleased to recommend Orion Communications' Oh Ryan program for calling cell phones.  This has made a huge difference in our production.  It eliminates caller error in dialing numbers.  I no longer have to print pages and pages of numbers.  Any time we have an issue, their technical person is very prompt in helping us address it.  This is one of the best investments we have ever made.


Dan Ream

Mouthpiece Communications 

I have been in the fundraising business for more than 40 years. Through the years we have faced many challenges. More recently contact rate had become a big issue. We tried several systems but had not been able to improve our rate. On a suggestion from a colleague, we decided to try Orion Communications. After a few initial bugs that had to be worked out, the system has performed well and given us a noticeable difference in our contact rate. Ryan is a fair and client-oriented owner. He actually follows up and delivers what he promises. I would highly recommend Orion Communications to anyone facing contact issues.

Fundraising Industry


Our organization has conducted an ongoing telephone fundraiser for more than 20 years. During that time there has of course been dramatic technological advances in phone service and devices used by the public. As the consumer and our contributors migrated away from landline phones to mobile devices, it became critical that we adapt in order for our fundraiser to remain viable in a quickly evolving market. The OH RYAN system has allowed us to do so by employing a TCPA compliant calling system that is efficient, user friendly, and cost effective. 


Brent R. Fundraising Consultant

About Oh Ryan   


Oh Ryan Non-ATDS


No Risk, Big Reward!

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